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At The Window Landscape

Marta Cruz

Marta Cruz

Marta Cruz graduated in architecture (FAUP,1998), with master by the Université Aix-Marseille III (2003) and doctorate by ENSA Marseille (2009) Marta has been involved in teaching and research at the intersection between Art and Humanities, in particular, the history and the use of the domestic space, the cultural diversity of living spaces, and the relationship between art and its contexts (economics, social, politics and cultural). Over the last decade, Marta has published regularly in congresses, colloquiums, magazines and books. Marta is associated professor at ESAD since 1912, lecturing project and drawing.

Simultaneously with teaching and research, Marta Cruz has a regular practice in drawing and painting.

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“Vamos conhecendo uma paisagem como vamos conhecendo uma pessoa.”

by Marta Cruz


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